We are a tech-enabled specialty tax credit software company that allows for Startups to better access the capital they are due, for a fraction of the time and cost of going through a boutique consulting firm or CPA firm.
While our team is comprised of expert tax accountants, engineers, and business ops personnel that have robust R&D Tax Credit knowledge, you won’t have to pay a premium.  Our investment in building our own technology to automate a majority of the R&D Tax Credit process allows for us to pass along fair and transparent pricing.
We do not compete with your accountant.  In fact, many accounting partners leverage TaxTaker to help their clients’ studies move swifter and more affordably, and like the confidence of having partners that’s only focus is the R&D Credit.  You’ll still need your accountant for the rest of you return, but TaxTaker can check off this one big savings opportunity a partner to both your company and your accountant.
We are excited to help you navigate the process and benefit from the opportunity more than ever before!

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