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To learn how the R&D credit can provide relief and reduce your payroll taxes, see here.

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TaxTaker takes the time to educate companies and their accounting partners on the particular R&D Tax Credit qualifications by industry and stage of company.  We always estimate how much tax savings you should expect at the forefront of every project and our process ensures benefits are sustained for the long-run.  Most clients receive up to a 10% return on their annual expenses!

Tax isn't always a bad word.​

We get it. The R&D Tax Credit can be complicated and overwhelming.  We know founders have competing priorities and the word tax quickly drops on your to do list.  But with the IRS expecting to distribute 21 Billion dollars this year so its important to take a look!

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There is a proactive shift happening within the accounting industry.  Find out how we empower accountants with unprecedented value.

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