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Generate R&D tax Credits <span class="f_700">Quickly</span> with TaxTaker
Securely manage all of your client claims and maximize the dollars they’re entitled to

Securely manage all of your client claims and maximize the dollars they’re entitled to

R&D Consulting Backup

TaxTaker provides expert level analysis for any type of project.

App Integrations

Integrate with Xero, Github, Zenefits, and other services.

Manage Multiple Clients

Use TaxTaker as a service to manage all your clients.

IRS Audit Support

Our team is available to support any review.

Federal Credits

Generate Form 6765 for the Federal R&D tax credit.

State Credits

Most states offer supplemental R&D credits in addition to the Federal.

App Integrations With TaxTaker

Our integrations make it faster than ever before to accurately complete an R&D claim. Plus, once you partner, we will also offer unique insights into other savings opportunities available to your firm and clients, optimizing ROI even further.

Trusted Advisor

For good reason, more and more companies are asking their accountants about the R&D Tax Credit. Discovering the powerful benefits available to growing companies can be the difference of extending the runway by several months or years, embarking on a new product or service line, or making that next key hire to grow the team. Learn how proactive accountants are discussing this permanent fixture of the IRS tax code and how the government shells out billions every year.

By leveraging TaxTaker, R&D claim preparation is automated, saving both your firm and clients time and money.


Tax Credits Claimed in 2019


45,000 startups are eligible for R&D credits every year